Marquees Help You Get More Clients At Agricultural Shows

Event MarqueesDuring outdoor events such as agricultural and farm, automotive shows and corporate events it is necessary to keep your tea, animals, machinery, equipment, products and anything else you can think of protected from the elements. Sun, wind and rain can all prove to be major problems you fail to provide adequate shade, or shelter. For example a nursery might be exhibiting a new orchid, you don’t want those to get wilted by the heat, or maybe your a professional dog breeder who is showing a new litter of pups at a trade fair, nobody wants to stand in the blistering Aussie sun and rick their animals being overheated. Event staff won’t take to kindly to un-sheltered conditions. If you plan on preparing, or serving food you will also need a proper shelter, in order to comply with food safety regulations and the standards set for vendors in general. All of your shelter requirements can be met while at the same time promoting your brand to passers by.

Marquee Tents Are Convenient Forms of Shelter 

Marquee tents are fairly light and portable. This is a big advantage for you, because you can easily move your marquee to the next event where your exhibits are taking place. Marquee tents are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, allowing you to custom fit your shelter needs with your available space, your products, your guests, or if you’re demonstrating a product there is plenty of room. This is extremely useful in event areas where buildings, or other permanent shelter structures aren’t readily available. Most areas will have few, if any buildings and the scarce shelter will be in high demand. This can easily become an advantage for you as people who are out in the sun or the elements can come into your stall for relief and inspect your product or services.

Choose the Marquee That Works For You 

With the wide selection of marquee styles available out there to choose from, finding one that works for you is a pretty easy task. A custom printed style marquee is a great option for events where you need to stand out from the crowd, for people who are purely after a marquee for utilitarian purpose, a plain marquee with a super heavy duty frame can be used. Companies like in Australia provide a marquee that features an all aluminium construction with reinforced joints, this is available printed or plain. 

Various other styles like silo, hanger, barrack and platoon marquees are also available. These marquee styles are larger, with higher canopies to accommodate machinery and equipment that you might put on show. They can also be used to store other products related to farm and agricultural use. The multitude of options available ensures you will find great functionality at an affordable price. Having a nice marquee can also help your productivity, as people see the thought and effort you put into your own branding and they automatically assume that this effort goes in to all your products and services.

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Marquees constructed of heavy duty reinforced aluminium, with OXFORD polyester roofs are the most durable. They are able to withstand a great deal of wind and are guaranteed to keep your staff and products safe if bad weather occurs during an event. Ordering your marquee from a reputable and experienced business ensures you are getting the best your money can buy. Before buying a marquee, decide exactly what needs your marquee must meet. After finding a marquee that suits your needs. 

When looking for a marquee supplier or printer

Make sure that they offer the following:

  • At least a 5 year frame warranty and 2 year canopy warranty.
  • A free artwork correction service with a pre-production proof for you to approve the design before it prints.
  • A Price match guarantee so you know your getting the best price they can offer.
  • A rush service in case your event is approaching in a short time period.

When ordering a marquee

Be sure to provide the following to your supplier:

  • A solid and finalized idea of what you want printed on the marquee.
  • A preferred budget as most branded marquees in a 10ft or 3m size are around the $900 mark.
  • A delivery deadline or a date when your event is starting.
  • If providing a design that is already completed, have your designer provide the art in an AI, EPS, PDF or CDR to ensure top printing quality.

Tips For Buying A Tent For An Outdoor Event

Any kind of outdoor event, from a wedding to a birthday party to a craft fair, is better with tents. Event Tents provide shade from the sun and protection from a sudden rain. They also help to organize outdoor space by clearly marking sale booths or food tables, so that they stand out and are easy to find. A tent with walls can also provide a well-lit space at a night-time event. If you’re planning to rent a tent, the following are a few things to consider.

First of all, figure out which type of tent is best for your needs. Canopy tents are lightweight and have no side walls. They are great for providing coverage of food or tables, but they are not guaranteed to be stable in a heavy rain or strong wind. Frame tents have a metal frame covered on the top and all sides by thick vinyl. They are stable and work well on different types of ground. Pole tents include both perimeter and center poles.

Once you’ve chosen the type of tent you want, make sure you know how to secure it safely so that it doesn’t fly away in a storm. Some tents are best secured by ropes that are staked into the ground, while others are weighted down with blocks.


Consult with a professional about the size of tent you need, especially if you’re planning to cover a large area, such as a dance floor or a dining area with many tables. Some professionals can advise you from their experience, while others may use a computer-assisted drawing to help you plan out the exact dimensions of the tent you need.

Consider whether or not you need flooring with your tent. A floor is advisable if the ground is uneven or if you have a lawn that you don’t want to get damaged by your guests’ trampling feet.

Plan for emergency situations. Find out how well the tent you’ve chosen is likely to hold up in case of a storm. You should also get advice about the best way to tear down a tent quickly before a storm threatens to blow it away.

Be prepared with detailed information about your event before you contact the rental company. For more advice about renting an event tent, check out this Website.