About us

Every business owner needs all kind of promotional items to help his or her brand stand apart from the competition and this is where we come in. Event Display is all about a deep commitment to understanding what you need to present your business in the best manner possible when it comes to choosing promotional items of various kinds.

What can you expect and receive from us?

An attentive and professional team – to begin with.

We are as committed as you to protect and foster your business reputation. Whether it is a banner or a table cover, we believe that the product has to be of the highest quality possible so your brand name is revered and continues to delight your customers.

We believe that we have to give you a range of promotional items that you can use for various events. Our product list encompasses:

  • Banners to instantly capture the spectator’s eye.
  • Table cloths to grab attention.
  • Printed door mats to greet the people who visit you.
  • Display racks of various kinds.
  • Inflatables to make a unique statement.
  • Printed walls that highlight your business and products.
  • Tents and shades to present your business values perfectly.

Why should you choose us?

We have paid close attention to what you need when it comes to creating the right booth and table for a corporate event. Therefore, we come up with customized solutions that are the result of intense brainstorming sessions conducted in-house and with you as well.

It makes business sense

It also makes business sense for you to order your products from us because you get to order directly from the manufacturer. Your consignment is produced in our own factory and we exercise full quality control over the same.

You can also:

  • Get professional help when it comes to designing your product.
  • Enjoy real-time status updates of your order.
  • Track your delivery reports.
  • Get general information related to the product.

Design it right!

As a business owner, you are constantly thinking up fabulous ideas when it comes to brand promotion. We would love to work with you and your concepts to help you create the perfect promotional product. We do this by listening to your ideas and then getting our in-house team of graphic designers on the job of translating your ideas and thoughts into fabulously designed items.

Of course you can look at the mock-up of the design and the product before we go into final production with it. This will give you the chance to see how the final product will look in terms of design, layout and general look and feel.

Time is everything

We also know the importance of time and being punctual about your consignment. So when you order from us, even if it is a rush delivery, you can rest assured that we shall deliver the products at your doorstep at the promised time. Of course, you will have to let us know about your requirements when it comes to express deliveries. By using air express flights, we can ensure that you have your promotional events well within the deadline.